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The Radio Tower

The Radio Tower is the podcast of the Long Island Radio and Television Historical Society (LIRTVHS). We bring stories of the men and women that work in the field as well as the myths and the machines that made Long Island an early cradle of radio history.

You can learn more about LIRTVHS at our homepage.

May 6, 2019

Let's go back to the 1980s when album rock ruled the airwaves, Long Island was awash in nightclubs, and Dennis Daniel was unleashing his own brand of audio madness on WBAB.

Dennis was a Production Director whose fertile imagination and drive camouflaged spots touting dentists and car steroes inside a theater of the absurd. With a gift for impersonation and a bottomles well of pop culture memories to draw on, Dennis forged a successful career on Long Island that included winning multiple CLIO awards, first on WBAB and then on WDRE.

Hear him describe his creative process, his views on the development of the radio industry, and the one career path he dreamt of taking.