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The Radio Tower

The Radio Tower is the podcast of the Long Island Radio and Television Historical Society (LIRTVHS). We bring stories of the men and women that work in the field as well as the myths and the machines that made Long Island an early cradle of radio history.

You can learn more about LIRTVHS at our homepage.

Feb 19, 2018

Arne Fogel, host of The Bing Shift on Jazz88 FM as well as a student and devotee of all things Crosby, relates Bing's career in radio. We talk about how Bing helped define the medium, how he rose to be a multimedia star, his role in changing recording technology, and more.

This episode was recorded at The Booth, the new podcast recording studio at the Sachem Public Library. We thank them as well as this week's guest co-host, Chris DeCristofaro.

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